Baby booties for the most demanding

We are well aware that children are one of the most demanding clients. Their feet need well-designed, comfortable shoes, suited to an active lifestyle, many occasions and various outfits. We assume that shoes, including those intended for children, must be comfortable, comfortable to use and have an original, interesting design. That's why in our offer you will find universal, branded children's shoes and baby shoes, made of high quality materials that will surely steal the hearts of small, but also demanding children.

Shoes for boys and girls - shoes for every occasion

Our wide range is targeted at girls and boys with different tastes who like original and shapely designs. The offered products include elegant girls' pumps in a variety of colors and styles. You will find here traditional shoes in various shades, ideal for delicate dresses, as well as higher and warmer girls' shoes for colder days. Boys' shoes can be easily adapted to many occasions, such as communion or the beginning of the school year. In turn, these more solid, insulated models are perfect for the winter months.
Each of our models of children's shoes is light and "breathable" shoes that provide children with comfort and convenience throughout the day, both during intense fun and rest. However, the multitude of designs and colors we offer is a guarantee that every toddler will find something that catches his eye.

Boots for children tailored to the needs of your child

We know how important it is for you to have children's shoes and boots to be of high quality both outside and inside the shoe. These are not all the requirements we place on shoes for the youngest. They can not soak and have to be strong enough to be used by children for at least one season. That's why our offer includes footwear for children from trusted manufacturers who have many years of experience in the footwear industry and know how to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.
In our store you will find shoes for children of such brands as: Antylopa, American Club, Gregors, Bartek and Ren-But. Among them are shoes and boots for children with the "Healthy Foot" certificate. This award is synonymous with the perfect matching of children's footwear to the toddler's feet. In addition, it provides the child with long-lasting comfort of use and reduces all abrasions, sores and potential foot defects. In addition, in many models of children's shoes, leather inserts were used to prevent excessive sweating and thus protect the delicate skin of the child.

Baby booties for every toddler

Our baby booties are a guarantee of high quality, the best fashion adapted to the child's feet and a wide range of designs and colors for both girls and boys. We know that the choice of appropriate shoes for children may not be easy, that's why among our proposals you will find only the best and special selected shoes for girls and boys that meet the requirements of even the most demanding small customers.
Children's shoes are available in sizes 19-38. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the whole range of children's shoes and shoes.