Inblu - a bit of sunny Italy on Polish streets

Inblu is an Italian company that started its history with footwear in the 1970s from the production of heels and soles. Thanks to experience in the production of these elements, Inblu shoes they stand out on the market with exceptionally well profiled soles. The brand tries to meet the requirements of its customers by offering fashionable designs and modern fashions of its shoes. Inblu is an ideal brand for people who value comfort and style at an affordable price.

Inblu sandals - Italian design at an affordable price

The company Inblu is best known for the production of its high-quality summer shoes: flip-flops, flip-flops and sandals. Simplicity and convenience in everyday use - these priorities guided Italian designers when creating Inblu shoes.

Women's shoes Inblu - lightness and comfort

The company's offer can be found Inblu flip-flops made of high quality plastic that allows you to produce light and comfortable footwear. The simplicity of the designs allows for easy adjustment of shoes to many styles. Inblu sandals they will be perfect during summer walks or casual family events in the bosom of nature. Japanese women are the perfect choice for a beach or swimming pool, where comfort and convenience count. Women's shoes Inblu is perfect for women who put on comfortable and affordable shoes.

Men's shoes Inblu - comfort and perfect profile

The Italian company also remembers the needs of men who will find the perfect summer options on offer. Inblu flip flops it's comfortable footwear, well contoured and tailored to the male foot. You can also get off the offer Inblu slippersthat will allow you to enjoy comfort also in the comfort of your four corners. Perfect for men who want to be comfortable in every situation.

Inblu shoes - demanding footwear

Many people put the appearance of shoes above their comfort. Meanwhile, the consequence of wearing uncomfortable and unhealthy for the feet of shoes can be even halluks. The creators of Inblu shoes do not forget about the health of their customers. The footwear of the Italian company is recommended for people who may be exposed to transverse or longitudinal flatfoot. Thanks to the specially profiled insole, the shoes adapt to the natural physiological shape of the foot.

A few interesting facts about the company and Inblu shoes

The Inblu brand is a pioneer in the application of the modern production method CHIPS - otherwise known as injection molding. This method allows to connect the uppers, linings and soles without the use of glue or other adhesive products. For the production of its shoes, Inblu uses polyurethane that provides high flexibility of footwear. An innovative production idea and new assembly technology allowed the Italian company to break out on the global market.

Inblu is a company that actively cares for the environment and energy saving. The use of innovative technologies based on renewable energy sources and commitment to the natural environment is characterized by responsible actions of Inblu.

If you bet on healthy and comfortable footwear, be sure to check out the Inblu brand offer!