Adanex is a Polish company with over twenty years of experience in the production and delivery of footwear homemadeit and recreational. The idea of ​​the company is to manufacture a product of the highest quality, with high functional parameters, interesting appearance and undeniable comfort.

It might seem that such a simple product as the popular slippers and flip-flops couldn't be better, just plain. And yet. Adanex products are a clear contradiction to such claims. What's more, they have advantages that can attract even the most demanding consumers.

In the fight against vibrations

What distinguishes Adanex footwear from models from other manufacturers is the use of a material that absorbs vibrations and loads in the sole. The polyurethane used for this purpose is an excellent material that eliminates the undesirable effects of walking. All thanks to the microcellular structure hidden inside it. It absorbs micro-shocks and vibrations occur at the contact of the sole with the ground at the moment of taking steps.

Few people realize that the lack of such cushioning has a very negative effect on the joints, in particular on the ankle and knee. Adanex knows it, therefore, when designing its shoes, it took into account the use of a solution that eliminates any harmful effects. And this is just the beginning of the advantages.

Variety and choice of design

Among the models available in our store, slippers intended for indoor use dominate homemadehim. What is particularly characteristic of them is an extremely wide range of colors and designs, in practice the widest on the market.

It is worth emphasizing that the patterns are not limited to mixing colors within one model, or creating one-color footwear. We will also find a large number of models "dressed" in, for example, flowers, panther skin, highlander patterns, or symmetrical embossing of the material. Especially those recently made an interesting impression, which may even be a surprise for people who use them.

Fun materials

The materials used in production by Adanex require a bit of description. The health benefits of the sole have been described earlier. It should be added that it is very flexible, durable, and at the same time durable. This fact will be appreciated mainly by people who had to replace their slippers because of their heel "tearing". In addition, they have a non-slip structure, eliminating the risk of slipping and falling.

In turn, the upper side of the slippers is made of a pleasant-to-touch fabric, durable, resistant to puffs and rubbing, including quick loss of color.

The undeniable advantage of using such materials is their flexible form, thanks to which there is no problem with their storage, and when removed from the wardrobe after a long time, they still fit well to the foot. This is a good solution in cases where we want an emergency pair for guests.

A few words about the types of slippers

The concept of slippers, although apparently obvious to understand, does not mean that under this name there is one and the same footwear. You can see it well on the example of this manufacturer.

Among the models offered, we can find both those that cover the entire foot, as well as those that have a notch on the toes. The first ones provide a feeling of warmth and comfort in every situation, which makes them perfect for relaxing at home. In turn, the latter, in addition to comfort, also provide a certain amount of airiness, making them ideal both for moving inside apartments and for going out to a balcony or terrace. Importantly, both types have a neat and pleasant appearance.

A separate type are slippers made in the style of slippers, i.e. built up to the ankle. This type provides the greatest amount of warmth, allowing you to maintain a constant temperature of the foot at all times. They were created for people who are thermophilic, but also for interiors where there are drafts and cooler temperatures.

The offer is complemented by a model of slippers made entirely of natural leather. Their fully enclosed front part, thanks to the perforation, ensures air circulation and facilitates the removal of moisture.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Adanex footwear.