Women's flip-flops - shoes without which many of us cannot imagine holidays, home quiet or going to the swimming pool, whether for recreation or relaxation. The details are important in memories - shoes can also be a nice element of beautiful moments. Comfortable, which do not rub and protect the foot, and those that are nice and perfectly complement the dress that you will associate with your first holiday with your partner or a friendly trip. Or maybe thanks to them you will start to associate your return home with even greater comfort and relaxation - after a whole day on your feet you will slip your feet into comfortable flip-flops ... Choose a model for yourself - among those made of foam, rubber, decorated with fur or beads, tassels and flowers, from plain, bright or wildly colored. Match them to you and your needs!

Women's flip-flops - how to wear them?

Although extremely simple and convenient, flip-flops they can be footwear difficult in stylistic combinations. They work fantastic in combination with shorts and a top when we go to the beach, but can they be worn just as freely in more demanding circumstances? It's definitely better to choose a different type of shoe for a very formal occasion, such as an interview, business meeting or funeral. In these kinds of situations, it will be safer to choose shuttles, wedge heels or high heels, necessarily with covered fingers and in a classic fashion.

In less formal circumstances, we can confidently afford to use these extremely comfortable shoes. They fit both classic urban sets: 7/8 jeans and a white shirt, very long, airy skirts and dresses, as well as styles referring to the fashion of the 70s - flared trousers and mini-skirts. Flip flops are footwear that all women love, regardless of age and preferred style of dress. It's hard to imagine surviving a hot summer without them. The wealth of available designs - from foam, sports models, to elegant or fancy ones made of leather - means that every lady who values ​​comfort has at least one pair in her wardrobe.