Women's slippers - an essential element of clothing

They are very comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, practical for warm spring days and hot summer. In winter, they work well as slightly more elegant slippers. In a word - slippers are footwear necessary in probably every home. In addition, they come in incredibly many varieties, not only in terms of colors, design and materials from which they were made, but also in the cut. In our store we offer a wide selection wedge flaps, classic women's leather flip-flops. flip-flops and high heels. Each of our clients will easily choose a model telling her, regardless of whether she is looking for something in the style of sports, casual or elegant. In addition, the footwear offered by us is characterized by good quality and attractive price.

Flip flops - how to wear them?

Although extremely easy and convenient, Slippers type flip-flops they are sometimes difficult shoes in stylistic combinations. They work fantastically in combination with shorts and tops when we go to the beach, but can they be equally freely worn in more demanding circumstances? It is definitely better to choose a different type of shoes for very formal occasions, such as an interview, a business meeting or a funeral. In such situations it will be safer to choose a shuttle, wedges or high heels, necessarily covered with fingers and in a classic fashion.

In less formal circumstances, we can confidently afford to use these extremely comfortable shoes. They fit both classic urban sets: 7/8 jeans and a white shirt, very long, airy skirts and dresses as well as stylizations referring to the fashion of the 70s - flared pants and mini-skirts. Japan are footwear that all women love, regardless of their age and preferred style of dress. It is hard to imagine surviving without them hot summer. The variety of available designs - from foam sports models to elegant or fancy, made of leather - makes every lady who appreciates the comfort of wearing in her wardrobe have at least one pair.

Slippers on wedges and flip-flops - comfort with a touch of elegance

Flip flops have come back to favor some time ago and from now on in warm weather they reign on our streets. Designers compete in creating new models suitable for various circumstances. Among leather women's flip-flops the most elegant versions deserve their attention: wedges and high heels. This type of footwear is created for women who appreciate the practical advantages of flaps, such as comfort and breathability, especially valuable during hot weather, while not forgetting about elegance.

Which styles fit high heels? Both on the thin pin and on the post give the impression of lightness, so it's worth to put them together with an elegant flared skirt. Especially dresses and skirts made of heavy materials will benefit from this type of connection - avoid joining them with shoes on a flat sole, as this leads to optical shortening and thickening of the figure. Flip heels and wedges it's actually almost universal footwear - very feminine, fits perfectly into casual and loose styles - with jeans, summer trousers in pastel colors, dresses and skirts. They also blend in well with the more elegant wardrobe.

What to look for when choosing women's slippers?

When buying flip-flops, follow the same rules as for other types of footwear. Shoes have a huge impact on the health of our feet. Frequent, long hours of walking in high-heeled shoes with narrow toes can cause hallux and deformities of the joints. This does not mean, however, that it is necessary to completely give up this type of footwear, just keep moderation in wearing them. You should also remember to choose the right size of the shoe so that your feet are not pressed. Choosing too small numbering may end up with ingrown nails and fingerprints.

In case of women's flip-flops with covered fingers, the material from which they were made is also important. Adequate ventilation of the feet plays a significant role in maintaining proper hygiene, so let us pay attention to whether the shoes have been made of breathable material.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store!