Summer is the season when feet should breathe and feel at ease. Perfect shoes for a toddler are of course children's sandalsthat provide the foot with comfortable support, ankle and heel stabilization and safety. It is very important to choose the best quality footwear because it has a real impact on the child's development. We offer high quality in our store sandals for childrenthat are certified and safe. We are convinced that you will find the right model for your toddler. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

Children's sandals - how to choose them?

For many parents, choosing the right footwear is quite a problem. Nothing strange. Badly matched shoes may delay the child's first steps and cause a possible curvature of the spine. What's more, poor quality children's sandals can lead to injury and improperly profiled the foot.

Sandals for children: what should you remember?

Good footwear for children must be exactly matched to the curves of our children's legs. A few centimeters of clearance is necessary, but buying children's sandals larger size may harm the youngest. A good shoe also provides stability and supports proper foot placement. Wear children's Velcro footwear or those with laces. Do not forget about high quality materials. Natural fibers protect the child's feet from sweating feet and chafes. It is worth investing in the selection of certified shoes from a good producer, such as Befado (, which are known to parents all over Poland. Such shoes will work perfectly during everyday activities.

Children's sandals for an active child

Parents are well aware that children need footwear for special tasks! Sole children's sandals must adapt to the toddler's foot and protect her from injury. In turn, the belt around the ankle, which prevents the shoe from sliding off the leg, should have an adjustable fastening. Shoes must cushion your feet during each step and protect them from falling. A stiff heel is very important for children who are just starting to walk because its role is to stabilize the foot at any time. You can find only safe shoes for children.

BARTEK children's sandals

Among producers children's sandals the pioneer is the Polish BARTEK brand. The main goal of the brand, which is appreciated by the parents, is to support the child's proper physical development. Footwear Bartek is certified "Healthy foot", that's why children's sandals the native brand is fitted in the anatomy of the child's foot. Among other manufacturers, we can confidently recommend the brand Befado or American Club, which also very much care about the quality of the products offered.

The best choice of children's footwear

In the offer of the online store you will find boys' sandals and girls in sizes from 21 to 38. A wide range of available styles allows you to find comfortable footwear for every child. IN boys' sandals and girls' leather anti-bacterial and anti-fungal inserts have been used, which significantly increase the comfort of use. Shoes offered in the store were made entirely of natural leather.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of beautiful and fashionable children's sandals for boys and girls. We always guarantee competitive prices. We invite you to do shopping!