Offering children's footwear, the Bartuś brand enjoys the great trust of parents. Its made entirely of natural leather shoes are safe for developing and sensitive children's feet. The natural material also guarantees a good fit of the shoes, their outstanding durability and high aesthetic qualities. It is no wonder that the manufacturer's proposals are very popular. The same applies to sandals, which are irreplaceable on warmer days.

For boys and girls

While maintaining the high quality of its products, Bartuś producer also takes great care of their aesthetics. For this reason, his sandals are mostly kept in elegant, subdued colors. In the case of proposals for boys it is, for example, blue and calm shades of green, and in the case of girls - delicate pink. Of course, you can also find patterned sandals, for example in flowers, but they are also extremely sophisticated, which immediately allows you to know that you are dealing with a product from the high shelf.