It must be remembered that children's shoes play an important role in the proper development of a child. Not only do they allow you to move comfortably, but also support the various structures of the feet for better performance. Out of concern for the health of children's feet, we have created a separate section in which we present prophylactic footwear for children, created in cooperation with experienced designers of children's shoes and specialists in the field of orthopedics. Such shoes are recommended to be worn by children with healthy feet in order to prevent foot defects. They can also complement treatment and support rehabilitation.

We have the opportunity to offer shoes from the renowned Bartek brand - prophylactic shoes and prophylactic sandals, available in exceptionally stylish designs. Bartek is a Polish company that builds its success on caring for health, proper development and comfort of the child, which is confirmed by the Healthy Foot certificate, which characterizes the footwear of this brand. The prophylactic footwear for children we propose is completely safe for the bone-joint-muscular system of the feet in children. From the orthopedic point of view, it is a footwear especially worth recommending, both for the youngest children and adolescents. Our range of preventive footwear for children is a combination of fashionable style, correct construction and modern technological solutions. In order to ensure the high standard of this type of footwear, all models are made of natural leather or high-quality components. Prophylactic footwear for children can be recognized by the characteristic structure, which mainly consists of a high upper, a stiff heel counter and a flexible sole. In addition, such shoes have a soft interior that protects against abrasions. Children's preventive footwear is perfectly contoured, thanks to which it places the foot in the right position. For an even better effect of proper foot support, even during physical activity, a Velcro closure is used, which additionally is a great help for the child and the parent during the daily rush.

In our store you can order preventive shoes for children, the use of which brings real benefits. Such shoes prevent the formation of functional defects of the lower limbs in children and adolescents - valgus feet, flat feet, clawed positioning of the toes, etc. The fashionable prophylactic shoes for children we propose are willingly worn by even the most demanding toddlers and older children. No girl or boy will be ashamed of healthy shoes with interesting stitching or applications.