Daszyński is a recognized manufacturer of footwear created for women. It is not just an advertising slogan, but one of the philosophies behind this footwear. You can see it at first glance, when you look at any of the models signed with this Polish brand. Style, chic, elegance, interesting appearance, well-chosen colors, interesting accessories, meticulous finishes, as well as a wide range of models offered - all these superlatives in a small way describe the full characteristics of the offer.

Something good for every woman

Regardless of preferences, each representative of the fair sex will find a product that will meet her expectations in the assortment bearing the name Daszyński. Lovers of long boots will surely pay attention to the models of boots and insulated boots. Supporters of light, short and comfortable footwear will hang an eye on ballerinas, and ladies focused on elegance will always reach for tasteful in every inch shuttles and attractive shoes. No styling will be scary with such an assortment.

Materials used by Daszyński

The form of shoes is only one side of the coin. The basis for the good reputation of the brand is their performance, standing at an extremely high level. All thanks to the use of the highest class materials from the ecological leather line. Thanks to such a solution, you can indicate the double added value that lies behind it: firstly, very good quality shoes reach the consumer's feet, give confidence in every situation and emphasize their good taste and style, and secondly, this fact is of great importance for ecology, because it limits the phenomenon of using natural animal skins criticized by many people. It also has a different dimension in the form of attractive prices, very beneficial from the point of view of the offered quality.

From design to implementation

Behind every model of Daszyński footwear there is a well thought-out design, based on which specific material, color and finishing solutions are selected. Thanks to this, the final effect makes a big impression and attracts customers. It also translates into diversification of the offer in terms of the availability of models. Let's take a look at the different types of shoes offered.


This type of footwear is very much sought after by the Lord, especially when the warmer part of the year is approaching the end and there is a need to find the right footwear for a cooler period. Daszyński's offer includes models with a lower, more stable heel.

The color scheme starts with black, going through lighter shades, up to gray and dark beige. Such a color palette will perfectly match the clothes put on in late autumn and winter. An interesting element are finishing accessories in the form of stripes sewn on the upper part of the shoe and looser, mesh inserts, topped with a string stitching. Boots They are also an ideal choice for the autumn rain, because they protect the legs against moisture and cold.

boots Warm

This is the second type of shoe designed for use during cold weather. Thanks to the warm and well-insulating lining, they ensure keeping the foot at a constant temperature, thus allowing for comfortable movement regardless of the conditions prevailing outside.

Fastening with a slider makes it easier to put on a shoe, even on feet dressed in socks. It also allows the exact adhesion of the shoe, thus preventing slipping of the foot and chafing. A second lock was also used to finish the other side of the shoes, which however has a purely decorative function. The complement is a metal, shiny napa.


Daszyński also offers something for the spring and summer season. Multi-colored ballerinas in a classic cut, they will prove themselves on warm days, both in the office, while shopping or relaxing in the meadow.

Durable fabric, pleasant to the touch padding and ergonomic cut ensure your feet comfort and confidence while walking. In addition, strengthening the nose reduces the risk of accidental damage to the shoe and impacts on the fingers.


The classic item in the manufacturer's offer are shuttles, prepared for more subdued, elegant stylizations. The classy cut, high and solid heel and high durability will provide users with a confident step in every situation.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Daszyński footwear.