Befado shoes - a completely new version of slippers

Who said slippers can't be pretty and interesting? The Befado company, operating on the Polish market for over eighty years, proves with its projects that the footwear that we wear at home can have an interesting, stylish form, without losing comfort.
Befado shoes it is characterized not only by a very high quality of workmanship and materials used, but also by the latest design trends. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, as well as the skilful use of modern technologies, the Polish company is known not only in the country, but also in Europe.

Befado shoes are made in accordance with the recommendations of specialists from the Institute of Footwear Industry in Łódź, branch in Krakow. For years, the Institute has granted the company the "Healthy Foot" certificate, which guarantees that the footwear produced ensures the proper development of the child's feet from the very first years.

Befado children's slippers - what to look for when buying children's shoes

Every parent knows how important it is for small feet to have the right conditions for development. Any neglect in this regard can take revenge at a later age, causing flat feet and poor posture. When buying Befado slippers you can be sure that you provide your child not only with warmth and comfort, but also with the best possible conditions for development. It's worth knowing that slippers for children Befado They have been designed with care for the comfort of small feet and have all the desired features of children's footwear: high-quality, breathable material, durability - they are resistant to tearing and other mechanical damage, they are also light, flexible and flexible. In addition, they have an anatomically fitted insert to the child's foot.

Befado children's slippers - a real wealth of patterns and colors

Children's slippers Befado it is not only a great choice due to their good quality, which is usually an important argument for parents. We know from experience that the youngest customers are also the most demanding group in terms of design. Because Befado slippers are available in a very wide range of designs.
Girls and boys can choose from numerous models of sandals, sneakers, flip-flops, sneakers and Velcro slippers in various colors. For little elegant ladies there are also ballerinas slippers. Undoubtedly, every child will be happy to choose something for himself from the offer Befado slippers.

Befado shoes - for children and parents

The Befado offer includes not only footwear for children. The manufacturer has also prepared something for teenagers and adults, as well as specialist prophylactic and orthopedic footwear for people with foot problems. As in the case of children's slippers, there are a wide variety of models: in the form of classic flip-flops, slip-on slippers and even low shoes.
They certainly deserve special attention Befado slippers designed for people struggling with a diabetic foot. Their distinguishing features are: a material that adheres closely to the foot, a special lining with active silver ions, which have an antibacterial effect, prevent the accumulation of moisture and prevent the formation of unpleasant odors. Plus, this kind Befado slippers equipped with a special non-slip sole.