It is enough to look at the numerous models of flip-flops in this category, so that the beach, the rays of the sun and the breeze in the hair come to mind. Because Ipanema flip flops are perfect for such an aura. Thanks to them, the foot has comfort and ventilation in even the hottest days.

Slippers for all occasions

A huge selection of models and colors makes Ipanema flip flops the basis for many original stylizations. They look great with both airy dress and denim shorts. They are also a great choice when it comes to wet floors at the pool or in the shower. The non-slip surface prevents unwanted accidents and unpleasant injuries.

Incredible durability

Ipanema shoes will certainly take a lot. They owe this extraordinarily strong construction, less susceptible to mechanical damage. Therefore, you will surely like active people who are hard to sit still.

Whether on the beach or swimming pool or on city pavements - Ipanema flip flops will always look great.