Bartuś is a well-known brand of shoes made with children in mind for many years. The legendary quality, high-class materials used to make them and very good operating conditions of Bartuś shoes made the brand a leading manufacturer of children's footwear on our domestic market.

Bartuś is in a class of its own

The company's success is due to the evaluation of its products. And this has been at a consistently high level for years. Parents who eagerly reach for products signed with this well-known logotype know it. Children also know it, willingly using 'Bart's' shoes

Satisfaction on the child's face

The convenience of using shoes directly translates into the child's satisfaction on his face. By reaching for the footwear available in our category, you will be sure that the shoes will be a hit and durable purchase. Therefore, we encourage you to take a closer look at the individual models of the offered range. Here you will find shoes for virtually every occasion.