Boots for children Bartek - when shopping with a junior

On offer Bartek's shoes there are typically sports models, in casual and smart casual styles. Such a wide selection responds to the individual needs of each child and solves the stylized dilemmas of children and parents. Both small explorers, athletes as well as urban fashionists will surely find something for themselves, and practical Velcro will make it easier for children to put on their shoes.

On shopping with a girl

Girls' bootees Bartek thanks to their universal design, they fit into sets with elegant trousers, jeans, as well as skirts and dresses. The assortment includes single-color, calm models, but also more crazy ones - in contrasting shades, with applications, fashionable perforations and shiny jets. It is worth letting the little individual choose shoes for the dress itself. Then shopping will be easier for both parties, and the girl will not be saddened by the choice, in the morning stylization.

Something for young gentlemen and crazy explorers

Not only girls, but also boys want to look good. Shoe shopping with a boy because of the wide selection in stores, also can make parents nervous. Little will be appreciated by the small, inquisitive traveler Bartek's shoes for a boy for the ankle, on a solid, solid sole. Bartek baby boots they will survive crazy fun in the sandbox and playground. For gentler gentlemen, we propose lower bootees Bartek in universal, basic colors, which can be easily adapted to the rest of the outfit.

Velcro or bindings? Parent, the choice is yours

Parents should have the decisive say in practical matters. The type of fastening is particularly important.

On offer Bartek children's shoes there are both tied and velcro shoes. Velcro closure is a great, quick option, but keep in mind that children walk in almost professional shoes. Velcro must withstand all other forms of child activity. It's the perfect choice if your child prefers calmer play.

For kids, for whom it is particularly difficult to keep up and play a lot, shoes with strong laces will be safer. Decide on them if your child likes to run wild. They require careful binding, but they hold the ankle much better than velcro footwear.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our footwear.