Production of the highest quality, modern and fashionable footwear models, and to this extraordinarily wide range of available assortment - all this means that the shoes branded American Club brand are so eagerly bought and often chosen by customers.

The determinant of the highest class - natural leather

Specially selected, optimally tailored to the needs and extremely durable natural leather is the main material from which American Club shoes are made. A choice marked by prestige is an investment for more than one season - it can be confirmed by satisfied users of the company's footwear.

Tailor-made offer

Footwear American Club is dedicated to children - both the younger - kindergarten and beginning adventure with the school, as well as seniors. Very comfortable solutions used in shoes make that the children's foot can not only take every step with comfort, but also thanks to the use of a leather inner liner will not sweat, optimally breathing.

Assortment straight from the catalog

You can find dream shoes in the exceptionally rich assortment of the store. And it is by no means an exaggeration in this statement - the most important part of the offer are shoes and shoes created for the full comfort of use on colder days.

American Club shoes boast solid construction and impressive height for the ankle. Thus, children's legs are protected against various types of injuries, while maintaining healthy development.

American Club shoes are stylized for those already "grown up". This means that both the parent and the child can boast of similar footwear with a modern and attractive design.

Trumps more than a few

Affordable price, solid workmanship and modern design of shoes available in our offer make shopping with real pleasure. What's important, in the package, in addition to the highest quality product, you get something more - an invaluable guarantee of satisfaction and full satisfaction. It's worth joining the group of our clients today!