Black boots on fur Ren But 3309

49,80 USD
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Boots Ren But 3309 are black children's boots made of high-quality leather, perfect for cold winter days.

Perfect protection of the child's legs against cold and moisture is ensured by a long, 21-centimeter upper, additionally filled with footwear fur and supplemented with a warm insole. The comfort of the feet is also ensured by a reinforced heel.

The Ren But 3309 boots are placed on a flexible and, at the same time, extremely stable sole made of thermo rubber, providing adequate traction on slippery surfaces. This is extremely important because the child can move safely on the snowy pavement in such footwear. Such a sole minimizes the risk of slipping and falling by an active child.

Ren-but leather boots also have a 2.5 cm heel. Thanks to this, girls who put them on can feel extremely fashionable, arousing admiration among their peers.

  • Color: black
  • Clasp type: Sliders
  • Additional information: Healthy Foot sign Rigid heel counter
  • Material: Natural leather
  • Character: lack
  • sex: Little girls

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