How to care for leather shoes?

Leather shoes require care and attention. Why? This is primarily due to the fact that we spend much more on such footwear than on plastic footwear. So we want to extend their life. The second reason is the comfort of use - leather shoes are extremely comfortable, adapt to the foot and guarantee the pleasure of wearing even when we have them on our feet for hours. So we suggest how to care for leather shoes to ensure their longevity? Get to know our tips!

Why are we eager to choose leather shoes?

Leather is the most natural material that has been used for years for everyone, regardless of age or preferred style. Among the suggestions we will find pumps, women's leather shoes with a bow , pink ballet shoes for children Ren But 1467 heather , as well as men's shoes Pilpol leather slippers . Parents are happy to buy them for their children, because despite the higher price, they guarantee great comfort for their little feet. Adults also without hesitation reach for them, because they are comfortable, breathable and tailored to the shape of the foot. In addition, models made of leather less often rub the foot, guarantee air circulation and have a positive effect on stability while moving. The undeniable advantage is that the skin maintains its great appearance for longer. It is said to age nicely. However, you need to care for them in advance - they will not crack properly, will not crumble, stratify or tear. Of course, there will be natural bends in the places where the foot works. You can reduce their number and depth due to dedicated rules. So we advise on how to properly care for leather shoes!

What products should you choose for the care of leather shoes?

The leather from which the shoes are made is a natural product of animal origin. This means that, like human skin, it requires systematic cleaning, nutrition, oiling and impregnation. Otherwise, it can become dry and stiff, lose its aesthetic value and properties. Untreated or improperly protected skin gets wet faster and wears out faster.

Before you decide to buy leather shoe care products, you must remember that other cosmetics will be needed for suede and nubuck leather, and other for smooth leather. So make sure that the specific will be appropriate for the type of footwear you have.

What will be useful?

  • For smooth skins - skin cleaner / soap or skin soap, renovator, skin fat, skin cream with wax pigment, paste or wax, spray impregnation / protector;
  • For suede / nabuku - suede / nubuck brush, cleaner or cleaner for suede / nubuck, spray renovator, impregnant or spray protector.

How to care for leather shoes - our tips

  1. At the beginning you should test if the skin is susceptible to liquid absorption. Absorbent skins (e.g. suede will absorb a drop of water, while closed skins will make it drain. According to the test, choose the right care products.
  2. Remember that regular skin cleaning and care protect footwear from discoloration, but for this to happen, the skin must be well cleaned of impurities - mud, dust, stains, etc.
  3. If you want to extend the life of your shoes, make them retain their color and shape for longer, protect your skin from strong sunlight and heat sources. Do not dry shoes in the sun or on a heater, and use care products with UV filters.
  • When you decide on care products, be sure to apply them over a large area from seam to seam. Thanks to this you will avoid stains and discoloration.
  • Do not remove dirt by strong rubbing, as the skin may be damaged, rubbed or faded.
  • The skin has an optimum humidity of 40-60% and requires ventilation. So do not keep it in plastic or non-breathable containers, and put it on a ventilated cabinet, breathable shoe bags, etc. If the humidity starts to exceed 70% there will be a real risk of mold.

In summary, leather shoes are a fashion trend of recent years. However, to keep their great condition for longer and to serve for a long time, it is worth taking care of them properly. We hope that thanks to tips on how to care for leather shoes, your model will serve you for several more seasons! And if you're just looking for a variant for yourself - check out the offer of leather footwear at!