In our store's offer you will find a number of shoes from a well-known children's footwear manufacturer - Bartek. Bartek has been manufacturing children's footwear for over 20 years and delivers them to both Polish and foreign stores. Bartek is a Polish company that is the largest manufacturer of children's footwear in Europe. Since the beginning of the company's existence, 10 million pairs of shoes have already been created.

Why is it worth choosing Bartek boots?

The company enjoys recognition and trust among parents, as well as their little children. He also has extensive experience in designing and creating shoes that care for the comfort and proper development of children.

Footwear for children created by specialists

The team responsible for designing Bartek shoes is made up of specialists who deal with the developmental needs of children on a daily basis. And projects that are implemented in the production process are tailored to best suit the anatomy of children's feet.

The offer of our store

Bartek boots are available in our offer, both for boys and girls of all ages. The range of available sizes is very wide - from 20 to even 38 sizes. What's more, every child and parent, choose a model that suits their own tastes and needs. In our store you will find different models of Bartek shoes in terms of both color and design.

Most of the models are made of natural leather, which protects against external factors - such as frost, cold and humidity - and also allows free air flow, which does not lead to sweating of the foot.

Bartek boots are warmed with warm fur, so there is no risk of excessive heat dissipation. What's more, selected models also have a diaphragm, which is an element that additionally protects the child's foot from cooling down, as well as moisture entering the inside of the shoe. Also thanks to the membrane used, excess moisture is transported outside the boots.