Boots from the recognized manufacturer Caprice are footwear characterized by elegance, impeccable workmanship and the use of modern solutions that increase the comfort of use. The German brand has been famous for years for the production of shoes for women, appreciated all over the world, including at numerous shoe exhibitions. It is an excellent choice for women who value elegance in perfect workmanship.

The power of diversity and the magic of detail

The richness of the offered models is manifested primarily in the wide availability of cuts, various finishing elements and several heel heights. The offer includes models in both officer and more feminine style, as well as designed especially for the coldest parts of the year.

Among the decorative accents used by the manufacturer, you can find elegant fittings and buckles, elaborate ties and lacing, as well as stylized finishes made of soft fur. The range of models allows you to choose footwear suitable for each styling - from elegant, through more everyday, to less formal and unusual.

Modern durability

Caprice boots are also remarkable durability and quality of finish. High-class materials used for their production, careful stitching, thoughtful and ergonomic profiling of the upper ensure the attractive appearance of the shoes even after a long time of use.

What additionally distinguishes Caprice products are modern technologies used to improve the functional properties of footwear. One of them is the "OnAir" system, called by the manufacturer "an air-conditioned shoe". All thanks to a special structure placed in the walls of the shoes, containing microcircuits that allow air circulation and moisture removal. It also allows the production of models that are wearable all year round.

The second innovative solution is a properly profiled insole, also prepared in the "OnAir" technology, which absorbs moisture much more effectively than traditional insoles, adapts to the shape of the foot and absorbs the loads arising during walking.

We invite you to take a closer look at the Caprica boots.