How to wear boots? Three suggestions for fashionable stylizations

Boots have been a fashion hit for many years. It is difficult to imagine a woman's wardrobe without this type of footwear. They look elegant, are comfortable and go well with almost any styling. Ladies put them on with dresses, skirts, jeans, elegant trousers and even tracksuits. We present three proposals for fashionable stylizations using boots!

Boots - why are they so popular?

The fall and winter season requires us to change our wardrobe to a slightly warmer one. The same goes for shoes. One of the fashion proposals that is most appreciated by women are women's boots. These take various forms - from classic Chelsea boots, through cowboy boots, hiking boots, insulated sneakers, to high-heeled boots. There are many variants, so it's no wonder that ladies love this type of shoes - everyone will find something for themselves. What's more, you can wear almost any styling with such shoes. They look great in combination with elegant combinations, as well as casual or sports. The advantage of the boots is also their relatively low price - you can buy fashionable copies on KeeShoes for about 70 zlotys. Are you wondering which model to choose? Get to know our suggestions on how to wear boots - perhaps it will make your purchase decision easier!

How to wear boots - get to know three fashion suggestions

  • Boots in an elegant style - if you have an important outing on which you want to look elegant or you are obligated to have a business dress code, we recommend choosing classic Chelsea boots - flat or high heels. Perhaps you will like them black ankle boots on the F156-2 post or boots with studs Caprice 25433 black. You can wear this type of shoes with a dress, skirt, elegant trousers or a woman's suit. Boots look good in combination with an elegant coat, but you can also wear them with a jacket. The more classic model you choose, the more clothes it will match perfectly. However, if you choose a more extravagant model, e.g. red insulated boots on the G-7656 post - be careful when choosing colors and patterns.
  • Casual boots - casual combinations with boots have been a hit of recent years. You can wear this type of shoes almost always - to work, to the cinema, for a walk, for shopping or even for a party. When the season for ballerinas, espadrilles and sandals is over, it is worth having classic boots up your sleeve. If you choose boots with studs and buckles, which are very fashionable this season, such as Bestelle black rock boots, you can combine them with black tubes or boyfriends and put on a coat or your favorite jacket. When you choose a color copy, e.g. Goodin stylish red ankle boots, you can put on a fashionable skirt or your favorite dress. It is best to choose a black or navy blue coat for the top. In turn, shoes like these Women's flat boots green 99-110 Olive successfully combine with your favorite jeans and a warm jacket!
  • Sport boots - until recently, boots were associated only with their elegant version. Today, however, in response to the needs of customers, they are also available in more sporty versions, so you can successfully wear them with leggings or sweatpants. For example shoes Ugg Mini Bailey Bow Ii W 1016501-BLK is a type of boots that even influencers wear with tracksuits. Match this type of shoes with your favorite, comfortable pants and a warm jacket, and your fashion look will be stylish and, above all, comfortable! You may also like them insulated pink sneakers TL135-3which you can wear with leggings and rush in them to training. Nevertheless, they will also look good with jeans or sweatpants.

What to consider when buying boots?

We showed you how many types of boots you can find on offer. However, you may have doubts as to whether all of them will be suitable for you. If you have a slim figure and long legs, boots with a loose upper will be the best choice - they will emphasize your advantages. When you and your friend have short legs, we recommend matching high-heeled ankle boots that will optically lengthen them. In the case of slim calves, ladies can afford a hint of madness - choose boots with decorations (e.g. fringes, zippers) and in colorful versions. On the other hand, if you have a bit more massive calves, choose the classics - a fitted upper and trousers of the same color will make your calf slimmer. The same will happen when you choose an ankle boots model with a vertical stripe.

As you can see, boots are a very versatile type of footwear. You can put them on for virtually any occasion and for various styles. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the KeeShoes online store, where you will find a whole range of fashionable models of boots and you can easily match them to your style. Successful shopping!