The Caprice brand is known for its high quality footwear, and the best recommendation for the ballerinas it offers is that they are made of natural leather. What does it mean? This material guarantees a perfect fit to the individual shape of the feet, making ballerinas, generally considered to be extremely comfortable women's shoes, are even better suited and guarantee the highest comfort - there is no question about pressing or rubbing. The leather also guarantees excellent durability, so footwear for every lady will serve a long time. This is possible even more because the brand focuses on timeless fashions, subdued colors and universal designs that will always be an appropriate choice, regardless of the current fashion.

High shelf products

Regardless of which Caprice ballerinas you choose - a model on a thicker, flexible sole or summer ballerina ideal for openwork - you can be sure of the perfect look of this footwear. Careful performance in combination with high-quality material makes these shoes look very prestigious.