We would like to present you the Nikopol shoes range. This producer from Poland has been appreciated by consumers for many years, and from year to year his shoes are on an increasing number of feet. Also abroad, where he competes successfully on the local market.

A few words about the Nikopol brand

What best characterizes the products of this brand are the words: quality, style, elegance, durability. These attributes can be attributed to each pair of Nikopol shoes, without exception and the risk that this will be said to be exaggerated.

Our store's offer includes footwear from this manufacturer in several types. From his catalog, we selected the best positions. First of all, they are: low shoes, sports shoes, boots, winter boots, as well as trekking shoes. All the highest quality, with an attractive cut, impeccable workmanship and appearance consistent with current trends. The proof of this is the popularity that we note in relation to the purchase of these products, which increases with each passing day.


This type of footwear is the most classic item. Models created by Nikopol are primarily high-quality, which ensures the use of natural leather to make them. The offered cuts start with the type of formal wear and finish with the models saturated with a slightly more modern and lighter look.

The types of dressing are also different. Matte leather shoes are suitable for official but toned down styles that can be called a subtle elegance. Shiny leather shoes in turn were created for people who want to look elegant and at the same time also paying attention to the surroundings. An interesting item is shoes with a checked, blue stitching that gives them modernity and youthfulness as well as light sporting.

It is also worth paying attention to the model created for the summer time. Special perforation in the side of the shoe ensures breathability and a feeling of comfort, regardless of the temperature. In addition, light skin color reduces the phenomenon of troublesome heating by the sun's rays.

sport shoes

A common feature in the range of this type of footwear from Nikopol is a more diverse color than in the case of classic shoes, as well as a less formal cut. Nevertheless, in this case, natural leather was used to make them - smooth, with a structure and suede.

In terms of color, the models are based on the use of shades of black, or a clear contrast of interestingly matching colors. A specific color accent is the use of blue laces, introducing a slight note of decadence to the overall appearance. In turn, cuts - according to the type of footwear - show clear features of sporting. Thanks to this, shoes are perfectly suited for use with loose styles.

A few words should also be mentioned about stitching placed on the outside of the shoes. To make them, a thread convergent with the skin color or contrasting. In both cases, it gives a consistent impression, well suited to the overall appearance of the shoes.

Winter boots

This type of footwear is an extension of the idea of ​​brogues, that is, elegance supported by comfort. With this difference however, they were prepared for the colder part of the year, lining the interior with a pleasant warming material. Reaching for the ankle they provide cover not only for the foot, but also for the lower part of the calves. As a result, they provide protection against cold, and at the same time are suitable for combination with pants with slightly shorter legs. What's more, it improves the stability of the step and protects the ankle against accidental knocks.

Non-insulated boots

For those who appreciate booties, not only for protecting the feet from the impact of winter weather, Nikopol has prepared boots that can be used also for the rest of the year. The interior without insulation means that even in summer the shoe is not hot. In turn, the stylization slightly reminiscent of long sneakers makes the booties become a universal feature, regardless of age.

Trekking shoes

The offer is complemented by trekking shoes, prepared for active leisure enthusiasts, as well as people who like to tread hard on the ground. It is worth noting that Nikopol's offer is slightly different from the typical image of this type of footwear. Dressed in elegant shapes, they do not lose their use value, but they can be an interesting addition to even classic styling.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed offer of Nikopol footwear.