Why is it worth buying children's shoes Bartek?

The Bartek company is the largest Polish manufacturer of footwear for children present on the market. For over twenty years, the company's designers have been expanding their knowledge of how to best care for the feet of the youngest customers of shoe stores. At the time Bartek children's shoes they have become a determinant of trends and a synonym of excellent quality, comfort and care for the healthy development of children. The team that creates the company's products consists of specialists who make sure that the new models are best suited to the anatomy of small feet. All shoes undergo specialist tests, so that parents can be sure that they decide to buy Bartek's shoes they will receive the highest quality product.

Characteristic features of Bartek's shoes

Each of the collection Bartek's shoes it is created for parents who are looking for the best for their children, very consciously making choices and are aware of the importance of proper shoe fitting. What footwear we wear in the first years of our life has a huge impact on our health in adulthood.

Every year, the Bartek company develops several hundred shoe designs. Among them there are shoes, boots, sandals, high boots, slippers and ballerinas in many different colors. They are all original projects that experts from various fields have worked on to guarantee the highest quality children's shoes Bartek.

Footwear Bartek characterize innovative construction and technological solutions: upper with a heel, heel stabilizing heel, elastic and non-slip sole, adjustable fastening, easy donning. Also, Bartek children's shoes They are made of high quality natural leather.

In selected models, a unique B-FRESH solution was applied, i.e. an antibacterial and antifungal insert that protects the child's foot against fungi and allergens, as well as reflecting the child's reflective elements, which will make it more visible on the road after dark. Another original solution used in Bartek boots is an innovative SYMPATEX REFLEXION membrane - providing 100% waterproof and windproofness and twice as much heat without losing breathing qualities.

Bartek's shoes are produced in four size groups, so that each parent will find a model for their child: Baby - shoes in number 17-21, Baby shoes - footwear in number 19-26, Kindergarten - footwear in numbers 26-32, School - shoes in number 33 -40.

Slippers for children Bartek - comfortable and stylish for the little ones

Choosing footwear homemade for a child, remember that they must meet slightly different requirements than the shoes used for outdoor walking. First of all, the ground on which our child walks is of great importance. In the case of carpets and carpets typical of Polish homes, i.e. soft ground, shoes with a flexible, soft sole are recommended. It should bend at the height of the toes' flexion, approximately 1/3 of the shoe. Slippers for children Bartek meet the above requirements. They are also light and airy, so that the toddler's feet do not sweat and do not get tired even in the case of very high physical activity. Additionally, slippers Bartek they have an original, colorful design, for which all children will love them!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer Bartek's shoes available in our store!