American Club Wellington boots with American welt pink multicolored white

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Wellington boots with American Club welt are designed for young girls who want to have interesting and extremely stylish footwear for winter and autumn. They are available in several colors, which is why they look impressive and arouse delight among peers. They are designed in accordance with the latest trends in fashion. They are made entirely of rubber, which is why they provide comfort for girls and are also lightweight in addition. In addition, they have a rigid heel counter, so the foot is properly stabilized in them.

The shoes also have special cuffs, so they can be fitted to the leg without any major problems. Putting on such footwear does not cause big problems for girls, so they can do it themselves. In the middle of the shoes there are special cotton inserts that guarantee softness, and in addition heat. The foot is protected from cold in them. The inside of the shoe does not get absolutely no pollution, neither wind nor water. Moving in such shoes is completely comfortable.

  • Hero: different
  • Sex: girls
  • stuff: Gum
  • Type of fastening: Other
  • Additional information: Stiff heel
  • Colour: pink different colour white

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