Wellington boots are a must-have equipment for every child. After all, puddles are the greatest fun on autumn days!

Rain boots

The perfect footwear for the autumn rain are, of course, wellies. Properly built-up, high and impermeable water, they are able to protect the child's feet from getting wet, and thus - from catching a cold. Each toddler should be provided with such shoes that will allow him to play freely, regardless of the season.

Befado shoes

Befado is a brand of fantastic children's galoshes that meet all requirements in terms of safety, durability and comfort. At the same time, they are very aesthetically made. Removable sock allows you to use wellington boots even at low temperatures. Such shoes protect the foot not only from getting wet, but also from getting cold.

The large number of colors of the Befado shoes available in the assortment makes it possible to match the colors of the wellies to the raincoat and the toddler's preferences. Uniform colors and universal cut make them the right shoes for any styling.