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Anabelle shoes

Anabelle shoes - a compromise between comfort and elegance

Shoes are a decoration of each woman's stylization. Each of us, however, knows that even the best-dressed outfit can ruin badly chosen shoes. And it's not only about the appearance of the shoe, but also its poor profiling. The modern design of footwear and its convenience are skilfully combined by the brand Anabelle. Boots brands will especially like women who do not like to give up elegance in the name of comfort.

Anabelle women's shoes - timelessly and according to trends

The brand meets the requirements of a large group of women who, for professional reasons, spends most of the day in high-heeled shoes, but at the same time values ​​comfort. A wide assortment of shoes with thicker heel is characteristic for the brand - on the post, block, wedge and platform. On such heels you can easily survive a day full of work and meetings.
Anabelle shoes on thicker heels we especially recommend high women with a more massive body structure. They will look great in a set with a dress or a pencil skirt and shirt blouse. For lovers of the so-called "Effortless chic" we offer a wide range of shoes and ballerinas - flat or low heels. This type of shoes has been a classic in fashion since the 1950s when it was worn by Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and other movie stars. Pumps and ballerinas especially look good with a fashionable skirt with a circle and with narrow trousers 7/8.

Autumn dilemmas - boots or boots?

A separate category are boots and Anabelle boots. In these models, you can clearly see the inspiration of the immortal classic. When looking for shoes for autumn and winter, which will fit in with everything, it is worth getting interested in the offer of our brand. Anabelle boots they are characterized by a slim, elegant line, thanks to which every foot looks neater. It's a great choice for both chic dresses and trousers - elegant cigarillos or fitted jeans. Boots brands are more built-up. Soft and flexible skin provides comfort of use. IN Anabelle bootsjust like in the shuttles, a comfortable, wide heel was also used. It is well balanced, so you do not feel its height at all.

Anabelle remembers about the latest trends - when she proposes new collections, she looks at trends and responds to the needs of heavily seized Polish women. Though they also value high heels, every day they look for comfortable options for themselves. If you are one of them, be sure to get to know our brand's offer.