Autumn boots - what to choose?

Holidays ended imperceptibly. The days are getting shorter, cooler and more gloomy. So it's time to change your wardrobe to suit the autumn weather. Good quality shoes play an important role here - they should be comfortable, warm and preferably waterproof. It cannot be concealed that in autumn the weather can take its toll. We suggest which boots for autumn to choose and which models are currently hot!

What features should have good boots for fall?

We know that you care not only about comfort while wearing, but also about functionality, aesthetics and universality. Choosing shoes, therefore, should be guided by the fact that the footwear was worn well, survived the best several seasons, but at the same time blended well with our stylizations. So, here are some things to look out for when buying!

  • Material made - when looking for boots for the fall, you can not ignore such an important issue as the material. It rains often in autumn, so it is best that it is well-impregnated full grain leather. Artificial materials will also work - e.g. rubber or other, waterproof with a high membrane. It's better to give up fabrics that get wet quickly - so wait until spring with sneakers.
  • Tailored heel - autumn boots can take different forms. They work well on flat or on a delicate 3 cm heel. However, if you want to put them on for more elegant stylizations, then you can opt for a higher heel, heel or wedge. The most important thing is for the shoe to be stable and guarantee you freedom of movement.
  • The right size - although it's a trivial issue, it's worth remembering that in autumn we often decide on thicker socks. Then too-well-fitting shoes can turn out tight and catch us. We recommend choosing a model that with a thin sock leaves you a little slack, so it's best to check the size table and choose it according to the length of the insert.
  • Aesthetics that suit the owner - autumn boots are a lot of variants to choose from. You can bet on the classic and choose the usual Jodhpur boots in a subdued color or you can go crazy and choose an extravagant model that suits your style. There is complete freedom - you can play with fashion!
  • Comfort - shoes should be above all comfortable. So if you have to choose which boots to choose in the fall, be practical. On a daily basis, high heels will not work, but for a party by all means, provided that you can walk in them and this is not a problem for you.

The most fashionable boots for fall this season

As we mentioned, boots have different forms. They are flat, high heels, heels or wedges; made of leather, suede and other materials in the whole range of colors. When ordering a model for yourself, be guided above all by your preferences. However, if you want to know what's hot, we present the most fashionable autumn boots this season!

Jodhpur boots are footwear with a low heel, with an upper usually reaching above the ankle. They can be made of leather, suede, eco leather and other materials. Their sole is usually rubber, which ensures stability and comfort. A characteristic feature of these shoes is the sewing of rubber on the sides of the upper - sometimes in a contrasting color. Are you interested in Jodhpur boots? Perhaps you will like the models: Small Swan black classic Jodhpur boots or

Cowboy boots - they recall the country style, but contrary to appearances, they are now the hit of the season. Such boots for fall are eagerly worn by celebrities and fashion bloggers. They are distinguished by a sharp toe, low heel and wide upper. Examples of this type of shoes are Small Swan brown high heels cowboy boots and brown Anabelle suede cowboy boots .

Workers - this type of shoes give character to any style. Richly decorated with buckles, rivets and jets, they curl even the calmest look. They are extremely comfortable and practical. Although they look massive, they also work well with dresses, creating a more predatory, rock atmosphere. We recommend checking Seastar models fashionable bags and Daszyński brown bags .

Cut-out boots - if the weather is still favorable outside, consider buying boots that have slightly exposed spaces. It's the hit of the season that women around the world love. Be sure to check out our suggestions - e.g. Corina brown velor boots or Black women's boots on the A-407 post .

Wedges ankle boots in a sporting version - if you like a loose, casual style, you will like this type of shoes. Wedge provides comfort, and at the same time adds a few centimeters and slims the leg. Interesting designs and unusual proposals available, e.g. Sergio Leone wedge heels black or Gray Women's sneakers BZ8386-KB Gray .

As you can see, you have many choices. You don't have to decide immediately. Visit store, check the offer of boots and find a variant suited to your preferences and needs. Go through this season in fashionable and comfortable boots for fall. Successful shopping!