Every child loves puddles! In order for this game to be safe and does not end with a cold, you need to wear appropriate footwear. American Club's wellies are exactly what kids need to be able to jump in with each puddle encountered on their way!

Many years of experience

The American Club company has been on the market for almost 25 years, thanks to which it can boast of many years of experience. The result is that every product is refined with care for every detail - American Club galoshes are no exception. These unique shoes combine great quality and refined details thanks to which they are happy not only for kids but also for adults. An additional advantage of footwear is the fact that prices are very reasonable, which makes anyone who wants to reach for the brand's products.

The American Club wellies are not only exceptionally cute, but above all made of high quality rubber material, which makes them extremely resistant to abrasion or other types of mechanical damage. This is a particularly important feature that every baby shoes should have.

Perfect for all weather

It is not without significance that the American Club wellies are insulated with a very soft and functional fleece sock, which can be removed if necessary. In addition, shoes have attached inserts that allow you to enjoy both autumn, rainy weather, as well as winter, snow plush. An important feature of wellies is also the heel, which perfectly stabilizes and absorbs the child's foot.

Perfect for everyone

Both girls and boys love American Club wellies for their amazing colors and motifs, which reach one hundred percent in children's tastes. American Club makes every effort to ensure that their products combine not only excellent functionality, but also modern design and interesting, striking design. At the same time, American Club rubber boots are made with a unique use of the highest quality materials, which is why they will satisfy even the most demanding kids.