Timberland is a brand of great, high-end footwear. The presented men's models are very popular - they combine the advantages of extremely fashionable footwear and comfort of use.

Timberland - a brand with a class

When it comes to trekking footwear, Timberland is second to none. Presented models made of natural leather have soft inserts, so you can wear them comfortably even during mountain tours. The rubber sole guarantees a stable gait and prevents the foot from slipping. The manufacturer uses modern technologies that increase air permeability and makes the shoes resistant to shocks.

Trekking shoes for real men

Trekking shoes are perfect for long routes and scenic trips. Models are maintained in classic colors and styles - it includes shades of brown and gray. Trekking shoes are extremely durable and enjoy users for many seasons. In the end, a well-known and respected brand obliges to something.