A comfortable team game

Playing sports requires sacrifice, and frequent training of the perfect clothing and footwear. Nike shoes from the football department will fit perfectly for everyone who adores every game. The offer includes various football boots that are available in various sizes and styles - they can be selected according to individual taste and adapted to specific parts of the entire football outfit.

Special features of traffic jams

The upper is made of very durable materials and will last for a long time of use. Built-in sock, as well as laces allow for a perfect fit to the feet which will affect the quality of each match played. The variety of patterns and colors allows you to choose distinctive green, pink or classic black. The characteristic Nike logo is placed in each pair for a full visual effect. Innovative technologies have resulted in an excellent result: the mud does not adhere to the sole, and the sensational grip and contact with the ball are invaluable under various weather conditions.