Cult models of shoes of the most liked sports brands

Some styles of shoes, like echo, are back in fashion, and some have never even gone out of fashion! It is definitely the most common footwear which, due to its comfort, has a lot of loyal fans around the world. Do you know which of them you need to have in your wardrobe? We present the iconic models of shoes of the most liked sports brands!

Cult models of Adidas shoes

The fact that sports shoes are commonly referred to as "sneakers" speaks for itself. This brand is one of the oldest and best in the world. For almost a hundred years, it has specialized in the production of equipment, costumes and sports shoes.

The most cult models of Adidas shoes are primarily classic white sneakers. In the 90s, almost everyone had a pair of such "sneakers" at home. Nowadays, the fashion from 30 years ago has returned to favor, so in stores you can find refreshed versions of the local design, such as adidas Yung-96 M EE3682 white shoes. Ladies, on the other hand, eagerly choose their colorful versions, in bright and / or pastel shades, such as adidas Forest Grove W EE5847.

Variations of the iconic Court model have also been very popular for years. Nowadays, you can find many interesting variants of this simple cut with the characteristic three stripes on the side. Ladies are happy to wear e.g. adidas Grand Court W EE9689 white shoes with very fashionable holographic inserts. Gentlemen often assume, for example adidas Vl Court 2.0 M DA9873 blue shoes, perfect match with jeans. This is a timelessly youth model, so anyone who wants to capture a few years should definitely choose such shoes.

Cult models of Nike shoes

Nike is as famous a brand in America as Adidas is in Europe. Nowadays, of course, it is common all over the world and its products can be seen on the best athletes of various disciplines. In childhood, many of us dreamed of showing ourselves in the backyard in the new "Najaczach". Now you can choose from many different models, but some of them immediately recognize the so-called. classics.

Cult models of Nike shoes over the years, they only slightly changed their form. One of the most recognizable is the Cortez type. The characteristic combination of white, red, blue and a large brand logo have conquered the whole world at one time and still do not go out of fashion. The most typical model is such as Nike Classic Cortez Leather M 749571-154 white, but nowadays you can meet its different varieties. Ladies can choose a slightly different combination of colors, e.g. Nike Classic Cortez Leather W 807471-112 white.

The Air Force model with higher uppers, which has been imitated by other brands for years, is also extremely characteristic. The most typical variant for men are, among others shoes Nike Air Force 1 High '07 AN20 M CK4369-001 black, but there are also often versions in white or a fashionable mustard shade. Ladies can also get such footwear, e.g. black Nike Air Force 1 Mid Gs W 314195-004 shoes. It is an extremely comfortable, universal model, perfect for colder days. It guarantees the optimal temperature inside, effectively protects against water, and also perfectly absorbs the pressure of the substrate.

Cult models of New Balance shoes

The oldest of the famous brands of sports footwear is the American company New Balance. Since 1906, he has been creating shoes that delight with their comfort and interesting design. Interesting color combinations are particularly characteristic of this company. Over the years, the brand itself has promoted trends so popular that you can watch them on the legs of thousands of passers-by.

Cult models of New Balance shoes are usually based on unique color combinations. The style of classic sneakers changes slightly - it is only slightly improved. In recent years, the most popular among women are models in pastel shades, i.e. shoes New Balance W WL520TLC pink and shoes New Balance W GC574D5 green. Despite the fact that they are sports footwear, they have great charm. Nonchalant matching them with feminine or even elegant outfits has become a generally accepted tendency.

Gentlemen are especially eager to choose the classics. The 997 has been almost unchanged for 30 years! The return of the trends from the 90s encourages people to wear items such as e.g. shoes New Balance M CM997HEQ. The combination of white, red and blue is an immortal classic. If, on the other hand, you like slightly more subdued shades, they are perfect for e.g. shoes New Balance M CM997HBK black. They are very versatile, so you can wear them both with everyday wear and with a shirt with a jacket.

Adidas, Nike and New Balance are footwear that is common all over the world. It has gained such popularity for a reason! Irreplaceable comfort and aesthetic design is a perfect combination. You can find the iconic models of shoes of the most liked sports brands at great prices at KeeShoes! Check the offer to choose the perfect everyday footwear for yourself!