For dresses and pants - fashionable sneakers that will emphasize any style

In the case of footwear, it is worth making the appearance go hand in hand with comfort. Sports shoes are definitely the most comfortable to wear, and they don't have to be boring! Nowadays, you can find many interesting variants that will become an effective addition to any styling. We present fashionable sneakers that will complement the outfit of an active woman!

Fashionable sneakers - why are they hot?

Work, extracurricular activities, social life and other activities fill the daily schedule for most of us. We are becoming more and more busy - literally! In order to be able to move efficiently from place to place, it is mandatory to wear comfortable shoes. Sports footwear at first reflex is not too stylish. Designers began to create models that are not only very comfortable to wear, but also visually interesting and stylish.

Fashionable sneakers Perfect for everyday styling. They can be successfully worn with trousers, and even skirts or dresses! Nonchalant combinations are very popular, so it's worth breaking conventions. Colorful high-heeled sneakers for a pencil skirt? Why not! It will be extremely comfortable for you, and you will look fashionable at the same time. Such footwear is also a perfect solution for women who like to commute to work or university by bike.

Colorful fashionable sneakers - which shades are the most popular?

The choice of sports shoes is huge. Various styles, patterns and colors make you lose your head. Which fashionable sneakers but are by far the most hot?

White models are a universal accessory. They are perfect for the spring and summer season. They will suit any styling because they are graceful and unobtrusive. The most fashionable models are examples such as, for example, shoes Asics Gel-BND W 1022A194-100 white. A strong, high sole adds a few centimeters, and the massive cut optically slims the legs. A slightly more neat version are, for example, sneakers Sneakers 51106 White white, with an interesting, higher upper. They fit perfectly in the recurring 90s trends and look great with jeans. Especially active ladies should check e.g. Nike Sportswear Tanjun W 812655-110 white. Airy mesh means that even on a hot, very busy day you do not have to worry about chafing or abrasions.

However, they are definitely the most popular ones colorful fashionable sneakers. Models in pastel and powder shades, such as shoes New Balance W WL574OPS pink. Delicate colors make them easy to wear even with very feminine dresses. Ladies who like the latest trends, i.e. wearing clothes referring to the 90s, should buy a model such as, for example, Neony Running Shoes B306-9 White. White, red and blue are a typical color combination for that era! For example, they are intriguing with a slightly more elegant multicolored version shoes Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Retro Branded Sneaker W FW0FW04305 Gby red. You can even put them on for work.

Lovers of toned-down accessories will also find something for themselves. A model such as e.g. black fashionable sports shoes A88-18 it is very universal. It works both with classic black tubes with a t-shirt and a leather jacket, as well as a very alternative, streetwear outfit. An even more expressive version are, for example, ergonomic black Nike Wmns Ld Victory W AT4441-002 shoes. If you want a slightly more interesting variant, it is worth choosing a model such as e.g. Mckeylor Black Sneakers. Snake skin inserts and a spotted sole look very intriguing.

How to wear fashionable sneakers?

Fashionable sneakers allow complete freedom. Such a model as e.g. SHELOVET Sneakers Fashion multicolored looks great even with the simplest styling with jeans. It instantly livens up the entire outfit and makes it in line with the latest trends. Pastel colors and inserts with a zebra motif immediately bring to mind the most fashionable references to the 90s. So they can be successfully worn with simple striped dresses, dungarees or other typical stylizations from that decade.

The bravest ladies who are willing to experiment with fashion can choose really flashy shades. Assuming e.g. sneakers B503-3 Orange orange you will immediately present yourself as a lively and creative person. Such accessories are also great for a fashionable, streetwear style.

Ladies who cannot imagine how to wear sports shoes with dresses or skirts, can also be fashionable. They should definitely get a pair on the platform, such as Wedge sneakers 6227-Y Black black. They are the perfect combination of sports footwear with high heels!

Fashionable sneakers can be worn every day as they look great with both trousers and dresses. The most interesting models can be found on KeeShoes. Check the offer to find the perfect everyday shoes for you!