Adidas Copa Pure.4 Fg M GY9082 football shoes white white

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adidas Copa Pure.4 FG M GY9082 football shoes - White, stylish elegance on the pitch

The adidas Copa Pure.4 FG M GY9082 football shoes are the quintessence of classic style combined with modern technologies, created for players who prefer to play on natural turf. These spears offer exceptional comfort, style and performance that every player needs to excel on the pitch.

Designed by the renowned sportswear manufacturer, adidas, Copa shoes are modeled in the men's football footwear category. These are low, lace-up models, which allow for precise fitting and provide better control over the ball during intense play.

The shoe's construction is made of high-quality synthetic material, which guarantees durability and flexibility. Thanks to the synthetic upper, the shoes are easy to keep clean, which is especially important for maintaining the classic white color.

The rubber sole has been specially designed for playing on natural grass, providing the necessary grip and stability. Additionally, plastic studs are designed to improve maneuvering and acceleration on the pitch. The fabric insole offers additional support and cushioning, which reduces the risk of injury.

The subdued colors of the adidas Copa Pure.4 FG M GY9082 shoes, i.e. pure white, attract attention, giving the player self-confidence and distinguishing him from other players. The white, elegant style is combined with the iconic adidas design, which makes the shoes not only functional, but also expressive.

These football boots are the perfect choice for men who are looking not only for comfort and performance, but also want to maintain an elegant, sporty look on the pitch. They are suitable for both amateurs and advanced players who value the highest quality and comfort while playing.

The Copa Pure.4 FG model is available with original packaging from the manufacturer, which emphasizes its authenticity and ready for use immediately after purchase. Lacing allows for easy and quick adjustment, and the lack of a sock in this model is a return to the classic construction of lacing.

To sum up, the adidas Copa Pure.4 FG M GY9082 football shoes are the perfect companion on the pitch - a combination of elegance, comfort and functionality that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding players.

  • Category: Boots
  • sex: Man's shoes
  • Sport: Soccer shoes
  • Product type: Traffic jams Low
  • Producer: Boots Adidas
  • Clasp type: Laced up
  • Shank: Synthetic material
  • Inner lining: Textile material
  • Color: White
  • Collections: Copa
  • Model: adidas Copa Pure.4 FG football boots
  • Dominant color: White
  • Traffic jams: plastic
  • Insole material: fabric
  • Outer material: artificial leather
  • Type: without a sock
  • The condition of the packaging: Original
  • Type: lances
  • Clasp: laced

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