Women's slippers bow Befado 254d065 blue

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Befado is a brand that produces shoes not only for children, but also for adults, adolescents and people with orthopedic problems of the foot.

It has been operating on the Polish market for over eighty years, and has recently also been conquering European countries.

A characteristic feature of the Befado shoes is the "Zdrowa Stopa" sign, which means that each new model is thoroughly tested for safety.

Women's slippers with Befado 254d065 are super comfortable shoes for walking around the house. They are made of high-quality fabric. They are blue in color and the patterns on the top are made with 3D technology. The sole is flexible and contoured, as well as non-slip. It is about two centimeters high, it perfectly absorbs micro-shocks while walking. The insole inside is profiled, made of the best quality cotton. It prevents feet from sweating. The shoes are slip-on, which is an added plus.

These shoes are ideal especially for women who, after a busy day at work, walking on high heels, dream about comfort and convenience at home.

  • Outer material: Fabric
  • Dominant pattern: without pattern
  • Color: blue
  • Additional features: lack
  • Insole material: other

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