Every day women's shoes and special trips

Comfortable traversal of every kilometer is above all else. Therefore, it is worth equipping your feet with appropriate trekking footwear that will allow any exploration of the surroundings. The offer includes models of iconic brands: Timberland, Dr Martens, Sprandi, Naszbut, and Badura. Each pair is distinguished by excellent quality, which is due to the use of natural leather and the use of innovative technologies in membranes, soles and uppers. Thus, it will be foreign to overheat, cold or wet your feet.

Stylish design

During the trek in the mountains or during a forest walk, the chosen model will perform on the medal. Excellent adhesion to the ground, as well as appropriate shock absorption will work in all weather conditions. Any combinations with sports pants or jeans will always be on time, so the selected type will be a special decoration. The category will include classic black and brown as well as original yellow and blue.