Elegant and feminine sandals Nio Ni is a proposal for confident women who like to stand out from the crowd. They are characterized by modern design, but also comfort of use.

Sandals on a flat sole

Nio Ni shoes are very comfortable. A soft, flat sole allows for long walks even on very hot days. In contrast, delicate design and crystal applications add elegance to your shoes. In order for the best to stay on the foot, they are fastened with a side buckle. Soles are made of strong, flexible material, which allows minimizing the feeling of unevenness of the terrain. Lightweight, but reliable construction is designed to provide maximum comfort.


Nio Ni sandals will work both in the warm spring and during the hot summer due to the fact that they were made of delicate ecological leather, they are pleasant to the foot and do not rub off. Due to the beautiful and refined design, they will be perfect for every day, but also as a complement to evening styling. They are a great combination of convenience and elegance.