What shoes for an autumn wedding?

Golden Polish autumn - the slightly dimmed sun, the golden colors of the leaves and the still relatively high temperatures make September and October the months when young couples decide to vow love until their death. Sometimes, however, the weather fails, so wedding guests wonder what outfit to prepare for this day. We suggest which shoes for an autumn wedding will be the best!

A month is important

Autumn is a season of the year that is extremely diverse in terms of weather conditions. Warm days, still reminiscent of summer and holidays, alternate with rainy and windy days. A breakdown most often occurs in October or November, when we start to think more and more about the upcoming winter. That is why, when deciding on the choice of wardrobe for a wedding, you should take into account the month in which the ceremony is to take place.

  • In September, you can confidently predict that the weather in terms of temperature will be satisfactory - most often it is above 15 degrees, and rainfall is not frequent. It is much more likely that there will be sun in a somewhat clouded sky with gusts of summer wind. It is therefore optimal to choose comfortable footwear that will provide airiness and comfort to the feet. So we recommend ladies sandals and shuttles. For men, they are acceptable moccasins and traditional shoes.
  • October can be very changeable. It can be sunny and pleasant, but just as rainy and windy. So let's put on shoes for an autumn wedding that will protect the foot a bit more than light sandals. So, high heels, pumps and low shoes will work. Gentlemen should choose the classics and choose leather slip-on or tied shoes.
  • November is a month when we think more and more about snow, frost and sledding. However, it can be different - there may be frosts and rainfall, but also the temperature above 10 degrees and the sun may be full. So let's prepare for various circumstances and check the weather forecasts. A good decision will be e.g. high-heeled ankle bootswhich eventually turns to pins or ballerinas already in the room. For men, we still recommend the classics - shoes are always a great decision!

Shoes for an autumn wedding - comfort above all

Regardless of the time of year, the outfit for the wedding needs to be comfortable. This applies primarily to shoes in which you will spend long hours. Most often, the ceremony begins in the early afternoon - around 14 and ends early in the morning. You have to feel comfortable wearing shoes for so many hours. There is no question of pressure, abrasions or lack of stabilization. Therefore, we do not recommend opting for unproven shoes - order your model and make a dress rehearsal. Partying with friends, a date, a walk, or home dancing should make sure your shoes will do the trick for an all-night party.

Most ladies cannot imagine such an event without high heels. However, when choosing a model for yourself, you should pay attention to the height of the pin adjusted to your abilities. Ladies who spend a few hours in high heels on a daily basis or go on dates or meetings with friends every weekend, can afford a higher option - e.g. black suede heels on the platform or black open pumps on the post. For women who do not wear them on a daily basis, we recommend lower and more stable variants - e.g. on a post or wedge heels, such as black suede wedge pumps or Nio Nio classic red pumps.

Bring extra shoes to a wedding in the fall

Due to the fact that you will spend many hours in shoes, it is always worth having an additional model for a disguise. This applies to both women who want to change high boots in favor of low, comfortable variants - e.g. ballerinas, moccasins or even flip-flops, as well as men. Gentlemen can successfully change shoes for more sports - e.g. sneakers or moccasins. Of course, appearance and an elegant, neat appearance are important. However, no one will blame you when, after the official part, when it's time for great fun, you wear comfortable shoes. What's more, our store's offer includes stylish variants, perfectly matching even with an elegant suit - e.g. men's classics white shoes Converse Chuck Taylor All Star if womens pink loafers womens champagne. For the bride and groom and other event organizers, e.g. parents, witnesses, the most important thing is that everyone should feel at ease and remember the wedding in the best possible way. So instead of sticking plasters on your feet for the next few days or resigning from dancing on the dance floor, get yourself comfortable shoes and an extra pair for a disguise! We are convinced that it will be the right decision!

We hope that we helped you decide which shoes for an autumn wedding are worth choosing. Be sure to get to know the offer of our store, where we provide customers with many models perfect for such an occasion - for women, men and children. Happy shopping and great fun from the KeeShoes team!