Contemporary woman requires from her shoes very high reliability and stylish elegance. So especially in winter, when the snow and slippery surface make it so difficult to move, they become a hit. No wonder that Anabelle boots are irreplaceable at this time of the year.

Reliable and stylish

They are made of natural leather, so that the foot does not get tired and does not sweat, like with plastics. In addition, they are completely waterproof and equipped with warming material. In addition, thanks to the flat heel, the icy sidewalks are not terrible in them. Black color and the height of the knee-high mean that you do not have to be afraid of any dirt.


Their classic look will work with everyday outfits, for example jeans. Feminine dresses and skirts of various lengths will become even more refined thanks to them. That's why they become a universal footwear that should be in the stylish wardrobe of a woman. In the end, every woman dreams of finding just such a solution.

Exclusive and imperfect

The price itself shows that it is a luxury product of the highest quality. However, this does not prevent strong and strong women to buy them. In addition, their shape is timeless, so you can enjoy them for many seasons. Which proves that once incurred expenditure becomes an investment that soon turns to.

Suitable for every person who wears them

It is worth noting that these boots are as if tailored to all women, because they fit in perfectly with the legs of their owners. Thanks to that they will be slimmer and extremely sensual. Unlike other shoes, they do not stand out from the leg and do not shorten them.

Jealous looks every day

For many women, equally important as the high-quality material that boots are made of is that they cause jealousy from colleagues or strangers on the street. Through what you wear them you can feel special and just look like that.