What shoes should I choose with socks to look gorgeous?

Overknees are a trend that was popularized by Britney Spears in the 90s. With the music video for the hit "Baby One More Time", the pop star made the stockings sold out like hot cakes, remaining in fashion for many years. Find out what shoes to wear with them to look glamorous and stylish.

Overknees not only for schoolgirls

A checkered skirt and a white shirt accompanied by immaculately clean knee socks are a typical uniform that many people associate with schoolgirls from American schools. Fortunately, thigh highs aren't just reserved for schoolgirls.

You can successfully wear them not only to school, but also for other, more exciting occasions. They are perfect for a date, a walk around the city or a meeting with friends. Over-the-knee socks are not only a girly addition to many styles. It is also a great complement to winter ones outfitsthanks to which even the coldest days will not be terrible for you. 

This exciting piece of clothing is able to add appeal to any outfit, provided it is worn in the right combination. We advise which shoes to choose with socks to look fashionable.

You can choose the color ...

Before we get to the heart of the matter, it is worth getting acquainted with the types of knee socks available. You can find various patterns and colors of these long socks in stores. Neutral shades such as gray, black, brown, beige or navy blue are perfect for almost any outfit.

In winter scenery, high-knee socks with Christmas motifs, such as reindeer or snowflakes, look lovely. Patterned socks do not have to look infantile. The end result depends on the rest of the styling you decide on, including, of course, the shoes. You have many options to choose from. They look great with stockings:

- rain boots

- ankle boots

- long knee boots

- sneakers or other sports shoes

- pins in matching color

- loafers

Choose comfort

If you prefer comfortable solutions, set over the knee with sneakers or sneakers. To enhance the sporty character of this outfit, you can choose long, white socks with colorful stripes around the knees. Additionally outfit both a sports sweatshirt and a checked shirt over a T-shirt with an original print will fit. For example, for the bottom, you can choose trendy ripped jeans or comfortable leggings.

Over-the-knee shoes for bad weather

A walk in the rain doesn't have to be a distant childhood memory! Get comfortable rubber boots and get to work! Over-the-knee socks perfectly harmonize with wellies. An equally fashionable solution is to combine them with long boots. In both of these versions, they look great in the company of a sweater dress.

The most important thing is that they protrude about 2-3 cm above the shoe. In this way, you will not only provide yourself with an extra portion of warmth on a cold day, but also look very stylish.

Warning! If you plan to combine thigh high boots or boots, make sure to choose shoes that are at least half a size larger. In this way, on cold days, you will be able to put on even the thickest, woolen over-the-knees without any problems, and the footwear will not be oppressive.

Over-the-knee shoes for a date

The socks are very feminine and are perfect for a candlelight dinner or a date at the cinema. If you would like to leave a little something for the imagination of your other half, opt for a mini skirt in combination with over knee socks. Complete this outfit with heels of a similar shade. 

If you want to look romantic and girly, go for pumps with a belt. Match it with a shirt dress and a minimalist handbag. You will certainly look cute.

Do you like classic solutions? Choose black thigh highs and black high heels. Do you want to optically lengthen your legs? Go for light beige or powder pink socks and pair them with shoes of a similar color. See how easy it is?

Over-the-knee shoes for work

Are you going to work or a business meeting? Over-the-knee socks can be part of a neat formal outfit. Simply pair them with varnished loafers or moccasins and a minimalist formal dress.

Don't forget about a long, stylish trench coat and a tight-fitting handbag. If you want to look more elegant, opt for dark, dark tights worn under the knee socks.

Keep your balance

Socks have undoubtedly stood the test of time and are still fashionable. You can successfully wear them to the office, to a party, on a date or to go out with friends. They are functional, practical and feminine.

It's important to stick to one rule - just keep your balance. Shoes selected for styling with socks should be a perfect complement to the rest of the outfit, and at the same time not be replaced by socks. Also, do not opt ​​for too bright shades of thigh highs. There is beauty in simplicity. Choose neutral, unobtrusive colors that will subtly complement the entire styling.

As you can see, choosing thigh high boots is not as difficult as it may seem. Remember that the colors of both these elements complement each other, creating a harmonious whole. This way you will definitely look stunning!