Excellent exit to the pool

Swimming requires appropriate clothing and footwear fitting. High-quality flip-flops and flip-flops allow for proper foot comfort in places where it is worth maintaining maximum hygiene. Brand Adidas has prepared various models that are made of high-quality materials. Delicate tread and a solid finish will contribute to the feeling of stability on a wet surface, and abrasion-resistant rubber will ensure long-term use.

Fashionable and solid

You can choose from a variety of shades:

- flaps: black, blue, navy blue, red, which have a characteristic 3 stripes on the upper,

- Japanese: a contrasting combination of several colors and putting the logo on the belt and sole.

The pleasing design of each pair can easily be adapted to the swimsuit, shorts or tracksuits. The convenience will be considerable, so selecting your favorite variant is a priority. Such shoes are one of a kind and will serve every time you go to the pool.