Asics is a company originating from Japan, specializing in the production of sports footwear. The name ASICS derives from the Latin maxim "Anima sana in corpore sano", meaning literally "a healthy spirit in a healthy body". The beginning of the company dates back to 1949, when its founder began to produce basketball shoes, which soon conquered the hearts of runners. A company with a wealth of technical facilities constantly improves its products. Among other things, she created the technology of producing Asics Gel soles, she was also the first manufacturer of running shoes dedicated to women.

Asics shoes

Currently, ASICS is in third place in terms of sales of sports accessories around the world. The offer of the Asics brand are products for sports such as tennis, football and volleyball, and all athletics disciplines. They produce shoes for wrestlers, for baseball and cricket. A wide range of recreational shoes for everyday use allows you to wear Asics shoes every day.