Shoes Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 M 001058-BK-S-01 black

212,27 USD
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Shoes Inov-8 TrailFly G 270 M 001058-BK-S-01


  • New model TrailFly G 270 is a shoe built for lightness, durability and comfort in one product!
  • The TrailFly G 270 is even more comfortable than its predecessor. The structure and material of the upper have been slightly changed, so that the shoe is not as stiff as its older version and fits better on the foot. A more slender structure in the metatarsal area means that the foot is brilliantly stabilized in the middle, while in the forefoot and toes area, the space so liked by runners is maintained.
  • Application graphene-reinforced rubber compound means that we have in our hands a product with the most durable sole that has been created so far! The tread of this shoe is not the most aggressive, but it is very universal - so it will work well on most routes, especially those with harder surfaces.
  • Footwear intended for long distances - well cushioned, with zero drop, is a proposition for runners who like to feel the ground, but also have their feet secured during long runs lasting several hours. The EXTEROFIT upper conforms to the natural movement and swelling of your foot as you run over very long distances. TrailFly uses 12mm new POWERFLOW MAX foam for better rebound and energy return, and at the same time greater durability. It minimizes the impact of the foot hitting the ground, but at the same time does not suppress proproception, combining excellent shock absorption and feeling of the ground.
  • Graphene - it is an improved rubber that provides traction and longevity of the sole. Previously, soft rubber provided traction, but at the cost of the sole's durability. Graphene is going to change that! It is a material 50% stronger, 50% more flexible and 50% more durable.
  • In construction TrailFly G 270 uses the DYNAMIC FASCIA BAND technology - it resembles the plantar fascia, gives elasticity to the rebound and META FLEX - a groove in the sole in the place of the natural bend of the front of the foot, which guarantees natural flexibility of the toe movement. 4 mm tread with water drainage grooves protects against aquaplaning, i.e. skidding on the water. The upper is light and airy with reinforcements to prevent the fingers from hitting stones. Even better reflection is provided by the super durable BOOMERANG insole that does not absorb water.
  • Category: Boots
  • Sport: Running shoes
  • Purpose of the footwear: Training
  • Product type: Low
  • Producer: Shoes Inov-8
  • Clasp type: Laced up
  • Weight (grams): 270 g
  • Color: black
  • sex: Man's shoes
  • Foot type: neutral
  • Product weight with individual packaging: 0.8
  • Additional features: strengthening of the crest
  • Producent code: 001058-BK-S-01
  • Insole material: fabric
  • Outer material: synthetic
  • Model: 001058-BK-S-01
  • Type of surface: hard
  • Properties: breathable
  • Type of foot: Neutral

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