Joma shoes are made for running because they have special features adapted to this sport. The main of these features is security. The rest - it's aesthetics, fashionable appearance and comfort, which makes them an extremely practical choice when we like to run.

Joma's shoes

Women's Joma shoes are characterized by a thick sole made of synthetic material, which guarantees good bounce from the ground and cushioning. The special profile of the sole prevents slipping, even on unsafe ground.

The shoes are made of synthetic material covered with a mesh that allows air to pass through and prevents the feet from sweating. They are characterized by lightness, good shock absorption and extraordinary comfort - they adapt to the shape of the foot.

Dream-like colors

Every runner likes to stand out from the crowd with his outfit. Maximally colorful, crazy Joma shoes will perfectly match your energetic mood and add power to your running! These shoes are perfect for training, but also for running marathons, thanks to their unique properties.