Pilpol - a manufacturer of shoes for a confident man

Pilpol is a Polish footwear company focusing exclusively on the production of men's footwear. Leather Pilpol shoes are created for men's needs and lifestyle. Their shape was adapted to the male foot. The elements that distinguish Polish company's shoes are care for the performance and classic, simple design. Manufacturer of Pilpol footwear offers fashionable products made of high quality materials. Gentlemen looking for comfortable shoes to work, as well as those who are looking for shoes for a special occasion, will find something for themselves. Pilpol shoes can be found in our online store Butymodne.pl.

Pilpol shoes suitable for all occasions

The offer of the Pilpol brand includes proposals for many different occasions. The common denominator for all models is high quality and attention to detail. Because this is what makes the footwear gains an elegant look and allows you to get an amazing final effect. Genuine leather of the highest quality, durable seams - all these elements make up the image of the perfect male footwear. Pilpol shoes they will allow you to look elegant and neat in every situation.

  • Every day shoes

    We selected the best and most comfortable models of shoes every day. That is why men can choose from fashions and models of casual shoes - everyone will find something for themselves. Men who prefer sports style will find sports here Pilpol shoes made of genuine leather and suede. However, those who have a more rock soul will surely love black leather boots that reach over the ankle.

  • Shoes for a special occasion

    Men looking for shoes for special and unique occasions will surely find something for themselves in the offer of the Polish brand. Men's shoes Pilpol ideally suited to family celebrations or a romantic dinner at a restaurant. On the site you can find many fashionable, high-quality formal shoes. Elegant and fashionable patent leather shoes will work in the case of men who value fashion and want to be on time with the current trends. Made of natural materials, it will prevent the formation of bubbles or abrasions.

Men's shoes Pilpol - buy without leaving home

Many men do not like shopping and are reluctant to visit shoe stores. Indeed, trying on a lot of footwear and looking for the right pair without end can be tiring. Shopping in the online store Butymodne.pl is fast, convenient and safe shopping. You will find shoes that are interesting without going shopping malls. In the comfort of your own home, you can see your shoes when you have time and desire.

We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the Pilpol brand, as well as with men's shoes proposed by other - domestic and foreign - producers.