Modern shoes dedicated to men are no longer limited to adidas. And all the luck! Today, a fashionable man can charm with every step - especially if he is an elegant shoe holder, also in a sports edition.

Boots with passion made

Laced, classic Nikopol shoes available in a variety of colors are the product most often bought and chosen from the wide range of our store. They are distinguished by an excellent creation of high quality leather, the most valued material used for the production of brand footwear.

The modern man knows what's going on in fashion

The growing interest in fashion among men, tracking trends and the need to express one's own personality also through footwear leads to the constant expansion of the range dedicated to men. Nikopol shoes are a perfect fit in this trend, hence their popularity is growing.

Our store's offer includes products created for men who like sports and classic elegance. All shoes are distinguished by special diligence, and on individual models you can also see a coloristic insert contrasting with the dominant colors.

Sporty chic male step

Shoes in the sport version are dedicated to very active, active people, sports enthusiasts in every edition. The footwear collection will surely appeal to gentlemen who value freedom and casual clothing. Footwear ideally suited to almost every occasion, guaranteeing freedom of movement and full comfort even for many hours of use.

Elegance in the most beautiful dimension

Men who appreciate classic, office and fashion-full stylizations are dedicated to the models of shoes from the ultra-elegant collection. These are available mainly in the color of timeless black, and their highest degree of elegance is determined by the noble shine and gently higher heel. Nikopol shoes are created for men holding high positions, self-confident men convinced of the power of their own masculinity.