Badura men's shoes - models that you must have

It is not without reason that shoes are said to be a "dot over and" to any outfit. Perfectly made footwear combined with casual and good quality jeans transfers the entire stylization to a higher level. In the men's wardrobe, there should be several classic models that fit different occasions.

Badura - a cult brand for demanding people

It is difficult to find a manufacturer on the Polish footwear market that combines current trends in design and workmanship with fluency men's shoes. Badura is a recognized Polish shoe company with traditions dating back to the end of the 1970s. The manufacturer uses the best quality leather: soft, bovine, sauvage, hand-dyed crust, compact and elastic calfskin and fine goat leather. The brand's design easily fits in with the latest fashion trends.

Universal choice - Badura men's shoes

Shoes brand refer to the classic, known to all models for years. The brand's offer includes tied oxfordes made of grain leather - both smooth cuts in subdued colors and more extravagant variations on this model. Oxfordy is the perfect type of navy-blue smooth jeans or a suit. Other suede shoes will be used mainly for corduroys, jeans and trousers made of thicker cotton.

Customs elections for the summer and for years

Men's Badura sandals is the answer to the search for many men. Their models combine unforced elegance and convenience. The brand's sandals fit both shorts and light linen pants or long chinos.

For gentlemen who prefer a more elegant summer image, we recommend suede Badura men's loafersthat work well in the company of flax, light suits and heavy linen shorts, referring in a natural way to the style of the seaman.

Shoes for winter months

When it gets cold outside, you have to think about warm and comfortable winter men's shoes. Badura has a refreshed classics for men. These include shoes, boots and fashionable, inspired by horse-riding elegant shags in safe, universal colors. It's easy to choose them for every, even the most elegant men's stylization.

Secret Badura men's shoes

The secret to the success of the Badura brand is simple, although it is not used by most Polish producers. It is a skillful combination of current global trends with craftsmanship and attention to every detail.

The above-average comfort of use and the unique style of BADURA shoes determine the attachment of customers to the brand. We invite you to familiarize with the offer of Badura men's shoes.