Timberland is a well-known and respected brand that produces footwear. Diversified design and colors make footwear perfect for any occasion. The presented men's models are typically casual, extremely fashionable shoes.

Class and high quality of workmanship

Timberland presents men's models of high-end footwear. The shoes are made of natural leather, including nubuck. They are distinguished by high quality of workmanship and careful sewing, thanks to which they can serve without failure even for several seasons. Internal footbridges are made of textile material, soft and providing comfort of use. The shoes have rubber, solid soles.

Shoes for every day

Footwear Timberland is male models dedicated to every occasion. The presented offer includes typically casual models that stand out with different colors. Mainly, however, these are shades of gray, brown and black, or classic stylistics. Among the presented footwear you can also find sports models, as well as a part of shoes with built-in ankle.