How to choose elegant shoes for men?

Christmas and New Year's Eve are approaching more and more, so it's worth buying elegant shoes for these occasions now. There are a lot of options on the market, but which one pays off the most? In this article you will find information that will allow you to make a good choice of footwear so that the purchased footwear will serve you several years.

Natural vs eco-leather

It is suggested buying shoes made of genuine leather, because many people find them more comfortable and elegant. They stretch to a certain extent, adjusting to your foot. Their great advantage is the fact that they can be renewed and nurtured, and a blog post has already appeared on this. It is also worth remembering that they are usually better made. The upper and sole are sewn more often in them, thanks to which they last for more than one season.


For eco-leather footwear, price is the best aspect. These types of shoes can be up to several times cheaper than those of natural leather. Thanks to the progressand technology footwear from eco-leather is becoming more aesthetic because it succeedsit was possible to create materials that are very similar to leather. That is why it is worth checking the markings on the box to make sure which product you are definitely buying. Unfortunately, eco-leather is still very susceptible to creases and abrasions, with which, after the fact, nothing can be done. It can also cause foot burns, as it is not an air purifier. However, if you decide to buy eco-leather shoes, pay attention to what the insole is made of. The natural raw material increases wearing comfort.

Classic stylizations

In every man's wardrobe there should be at least one pair of elegant footwear. Simple shoes, such as fliers, which are made of one piece of leather, are best suited for the suit. Although black viennese is still considered the most elegant men's shoes. Recently, you can also choose brown shoes for navy blue suits, which will be useful for less formal events. If you want to try something more extravagant, then you will be interested in burgundy oxfords, which will be a fashionable, strong accent in your stylization.

Shoes for jeans and casual pants

Have you tried to introduce more elegant shoes to your stylizations? Too often, we reserve them only for official trips, e.g. to the theater, and they also fit into jeans! The above-mentioned oxfords are perfect for any occasion. Perfect for going out for coffee and friends' wedding. A brilliant addition to such shoes are, how recently, fashionable, colorful socks with expressive patterns.


Well-chosen footwear is an investment for years, so it's not worth saving on it. However, regardless of your budget, you can find something for yourself.