Pink Befado yellow children's shoes 342P004

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Pink Befado yellow children's shoes 342P004 - details

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You can not hide that the footwear from the Befado collection to the best footwear for children that can currently be found on the market. An example of this can often be girl's pink shoes recommended by orthopaedists - having a stiffened heel, which is very conducive to the proper development of the child's feet. In addition, the footwear is made of highly breathable cotton materials, so that the child's feet are adequately ventilated all the time, which certainly does not remain indifferent to the high comfort of the child wearing such shoes.

Sex: girls
Additional information: Healthy Foot Sign , Leather insole , Stiff heel
Type of fastening: Velcro
stuff: Fabric
Colour: pink
Hero: lack
Mark: Boots Befado


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