Grey Befado yellow children's shoes 342P002

Producent Befado

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Grey Befado yellow children's shoes 342P002 - details

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We realize how hard it is to find the perfect shoes for your child. Most stores offer models that have some significant shortcomings. That's why we recommend choosing Befado children's footwear in gray and yellow. This unique model has an extremely solid sole, a leather insole, a stiff heel, and the Healthy Foot sign, which means that the shoes are recommended by orthopedic doctors. Boots are fastened with velcro, so the child can cope with putting them on and off.

Sex: girls
Additional information: Healthy Foot Sign , Leather insole , Stiff heel
Type of fastening: Velcro
stuff: Fabric
Colour: gray, silver
Hero: lack
Mark: Boots Befado


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