Your old shoes don't have to end up in the trash! Check how to use them

There are 17 pairs of shoes in a statistical wardrobe of a Polish woman, and more than half of Poles buy 3 pairs of new shoes a year. Regardless of whether you are more or less conservative in this matter, your footwear wears out over time or you simply don't like it anymore. Fortunately, such shoes do not have to end up in the trash can. We suggest what to do with them to give them a second life.

Give your shoes a second life

A statistical Polish woman has as many as 17 pairs of shoes in her collection. High heels for special occasions, sandals for the summer, sneakers for everyday use, snow boots for frosty days, ballerinas for the office... In many cases it's hard to count them on the fingers of one hand!

Some are so comfortable and versatile that you wear them almost every day. Such frequent use causes the shoes to wear out quickly and beg for replacement with new ones. On the other hand, some choices are completely wrong and shoes lie at the bottom of the wardrobe. A similar fate awaits sky-high high heels, the wearing of which is a real hardship.

Depending on how worn your shoes are, there are plenty of ways to give them a second life. We have collected the most interesting of them in our guide.

Act in harmony with nature and focus on zero-waste

Ubiquitous consumerism makes our planet hard. If you want to live in harmony with nature, act in rhythm zero-waste. What is it all about?

Instead of throwing away, try to repair or find another owner. If an item is heavily used, you can still avoid wastage. All you have to do is be creative and use what you have in a completely new role.

While this is more intuitive for old clothes (e.g. using a used T-shirt as a dishcloth), many people think that shoes are not so lucky. Nothing could be more wrong! It turns out that footwear lying at the bottom of the wardrobe is not as useless as it might seem. 

Are you looking for proven ideas to reuse them? You've come to the right place! Let's start!

Use the shoemaker's help

When the problem lies in the wrong fit or a scratched heel, you can successfully use the help of a specialist. Find a shoemaker's shop nearby and take your shoes to a qualified person who will solve your problem in no time for a small fee. 

This option will work if you are dealing with shoes that are too tight, damaged heels or heels or a broken zipper. A cobbler can even dye your shoes or polish them to make them look like new.  

Put your shoes in good hands

If your shoes are in good condition, have no holes, and the sole does not come off the shaft, the shoes are still usable. Instead of throwing them in the trash can, you can give them to good hands and make someone else happy.

After your new high heels made your feet bleed, did you promise yourself never to wear them again? Instead of hiding them deep in the closet, give them to your sister or friend. They will surely enjoy such a gift.

Do your loved ones wear a different size? Put your shoes in a used clothes bin or donate them to a charity. You can also find a needy person with the same foot size on your own. For this purpose, e.g. social media will prove useful. Search for a recycling group in your area, post an ad, and you're done!

Remember to thoroughly clean your shoes before returning them. After all, someone else will be wearing them!

List shoes for sale

You don't like an expensive pair of shoes or they simply don't match any of the clothes in your wardrobe? If the footwear is in good condition and cost a fortune, you can successfully put it up for sale. 

Use sales platforms or auction portals. In this way, you will not lose money, and your shoes will gain a new owner who will love them at first sight.

Use shoes in a completely different form

Surely you have seen a lot of ideas on the Internet to make something out of nothing at a low cost, and at the same time reduce the generation of waste. A vase made of an old bottle, a cat house made of unnecessary cardboard, a fancy decoration made of wine corks… 

What if you could use shoes in a completely different form? How about a garden pot made of old galoshes? Or a coat rack made of old, colorful high heels? Attach the upper to the wooden board and you're done! From shoes that make an impression, you can also make a bookend. 

As you can see, creativity is the key to success! If the appearance of your worn shoe attracts attention, you can certainly create original additions to your home or garden. If not, use at least some of them. Laces will work in the form of a keychain or a gift bow. The worn soles of children's shoes can create a garden path for your children. 

Remember that there are no limits in DIY projects. Be unconventional and creative. Show initiative and use worn shoes to show the world your original artistic vision.

Treat the landfill as a last resort!

For the most part, shoes are made of plastic or similar materials. Non-biodegradable plastics are one of the worst enemies of the environment!

 Therefore, treat the landfill as a last resort and use our tips to give a second life to your unwanted shoes. See how simple it is?